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Their Skill Level Matters Just As Much

While our own skill level playing poker matters a great deal, the part that a lot of players don’t give enough consideration to is the relative skill level of our opponents. Now we all know that the weaker the opponent, the bigger our advantage will be over them, and so it might surprise you that people generally don’t put enough emphasis on this.

You can simply make more money seeking out the weakest opponents you can, regardless of your skill level. However, these weaker players often play at sites which don’t have a ton of traffic, and they think that this is a big deterrent.

However, the more savvy players realize that you can play at several poker sites at the same time, and in fact it’s very beneficial to play at the weakest games out there that you can find for your chosen stake, regardless of whether they are on one or several other poker sites. This can easily make a big difference in your profitability and it’s something you need to pay attention to if you want to make as much money as you can.

So How Much Can You Really Make At Playing Poker?

Well the next biggest thing after looking to increase your skill level differential, the difference between your skill and the average skill of your opponents, is the level of stakes that you play.

We always recommend to first learn to beat the smallest stakes and then as you improve, work way up gradually, moving up to the next stake as you demonstrate ability to beat the current one at least to a degree of reasonable certainty.